Testing Services

Rubber Goods

Dielectric Testing of Rubber Gloves, Sleeves, Dielectric Overshoes, Blankets, Hoods, Line Hoses and all other forms of Rubber Cover.

Insulated Jumpers and Grounds

Testing of all Mechanical Jumpers and Grounds. All Jumpers and Grounds are inspected for knotted cable, broken strands, cracked or broken ferrules and clamps, proper clamp function, cuts in cable coating and any other visual defects. Cables are repaired or removed from service and replaced with new based on the customer's preference.

Fiberglass Hot Sticks

All fiberglass hot sticks and fiberglass live-line tools are thoroughly cleaned and waxed prior to each test performed. Any defects are repaired and then retested.

Arial Lifts

We perform dielectric testing on all forms of aerial lifts. Bucket Trucks, Digger Derricks, Back Yard Machines, Track Machines, etc.